Beware of These 5 Cat Poisons!



If you use insecticides in your house or on your plants please make sure you keep your cat away from these parts until the insecticide dries or settles as like insecticides are poisonous to humans they are poisonous to cats as well.

 Chemical Cleaners

Although natural products that are used for cleaning are somehow safe, concentrated chemical products that are used for cleaning can cause chemical burns to your cat and can be toxic if ingested.

 Glowing Jewelry and Stuff

Cats are generally attracted to anything that glows. And like little children, they might want to try these glowing stuff by putting them in their mouth. So please make sure you keep all your jewelry and glowing stuff away from your cat.


Like little children as well, cats may ingest pills and capsules if they come to their reach. Many of these medications can contain chemical substances that are toxic to cats, damaging their red blood cells and causing liver and heart failure.

Dog Products

Never use dog products, especially the flea products, on your cat. Such products can have ingredients that slowly and painfully kill your cat.

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