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    What is a Doberman Pinscher? Ideally, each member of this breed is a dog elegant in appearance, of proud carriage, reflecting great nobility and temperament. Their trademark characteristics produce a dog that is energetic, watchful, determined, alert, fearless, loyal and obedient.

        Breeding of the Doberman Pinscher dates back to the 1880's in Germany. Most dog breeds were created to accomplish particular tasks, at times nothing more than companionship.

Portrait Language Doberman Dog

        The Doberman Pinscher was developed for protecting man from harm. The first Doberman Pinschers reached America in 1908. The Doberman Pinscher fancier's meeting developed in New York City in 1921 and the Doberman Pinscher Club was founded the same year.

        The Doberman makes an excellent family pet and when properly socialized gets along well with most children.

        The coat of the Doberman Pinscher is smooth-hair, short, hard, thick and close lying. Doberman Pinschers come in black, red, blue, or fawn, with rust-coloured markings sharply defined above eye and muzzle, throat and forechest. Markings in a similar rust colour are also found on all four legs and feet, and below the tail.

        Besides a Doberman's bold and alert attitude, he is faithful and fearless. The Doberman is truly devoted and it cannot be compromised. Along with the breed's inherent intelligence and keenness, there is also a playful and highly energetic side. It truly loves being a clown. Having a large yard with a fence is essential for the endless time spent running and playing.

        Grooming is easy with such a short-coated dog, of course, but don't forget that there is much more to keeping a dog than food, exercise, and grooming! Proper training is essential to all breeds of dogs, especially with a breed as intelligent as the Doberman Pinscher.

Pacsi Love Friendship Beauty Doberman

        We recommend that all prospective doberman owners consult a good book to learn more about properly caring for, training, and maintaining your Doberman Pinscher. One good source of information is the book " New Owner's Guide to Doberman Pinscher's", from T.F.H. Publications, Inc, to whom we are indebted for this brief description.

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