5 Facts That Prove that Dogs Can Be Really Awesome


 Dogs are clever

Dogs can be as smart as a two year-old child. They have the ability to learn a number of words. Some clever breeds like the Border Collies can understand up to 200 words.

 Dogs have the sniffing superpower

A dog’s sense of smell is 10,000 better than that of the human being. Studies even proved that they can also use this super sniffing power to detect diseases such as cancers and diabetes.

 Check the wagging

A wagging tail is not always a greeting gesture by the dog. When a dog wags its tail to the right this means that it is happy, but when it wags it to the left this could mean it is frightened. If it raises its tail, however, it can mean that it is anxious.

 Smelly paws

Dogs’ paws can get really smelly, this is because the paws are where their sweat glands are located.

 The nose print

A dog’s nose print is a way to differentiate between dogs, as each dog has its own unique nose.



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