Trouble With Your Dog? Try Simple Training Techniques!


Trouble With Your Dog? Try Simple Training Techniques!

Dogs are trained for all sorts of reasons. Some dogs are trained to protect, some to hunt, and others to work. Dogs have a great work ethic since they always aim to please, so there are many occupations that "employ" animals. This article will give you some ideas about what profession your pooch could be trained for.

Springer Spaniel Pet Dog Training Dog Leg Hunting

Never punish positive behavior.  If your dog successfully goes to the bathroom outside, and then you leave him, it is as if you are punishing him after he has achieved the results that you desire.  Instead, reward him by playing ball with him for a while or rubbing his belly.

Each time that you use your dog's name as a warning or a reprimand, try to use it three to five other times in a positive way. Your pet needs to understand that his name can represent something good; he should not be afraid to come to you when he is called.

Try to command dogs with one word or a small phrase rather than a lengthy phrase. Smaller commands are easier to remember and recognize from other people, whereas longer phrases can be confusing to a dog. Make sure everyone uses the same phrase to command a dog to avoid confusion.

You should make sure to call your pet by name at least 10 times a day. In order to control your dog, they should respond to their name. Don't punish your pet for coming to you, when you call their name. You can practice using their name when you give them treats or food.

As stated in the beginning of this article, there are many dogs who are trained to work in different occupations. Dogs are devoted, loyal, hard workers and are an asset in the workforce. Hopefully this article has given you some ideas about the different professions available to your four-legged friend.


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